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By establishing the company “Anton Hummel Metallwarenfabrik” in Alt-­Simonswald, Holger Hummel's grandfather laid the first foundations in 1948 for the modern-day HUMMEL AG. The company headquarters were relocated to Waldkirch as early as 1952. The company primarily produced molded turned parts for everyday use, which were urgently required in post-war Germany (e.g. combination locks, cigarette lighters, pasta machines, etc.). The upswing of the economic miracle years in Germany meant that HUMMEL cracked the magic turnover mark of 1 million D-Mark in1958. 

HUMMEL has approximately 600 employees worldwide (as of 1/2018) and its headquarters is located in Denzlingen in Southern Germany and a production facility in neighboring Waldkirch. There are foreign branches in France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Austria, Russia, China, India, South Korea, and Brazil. In addition, HUMMEL AG has a global network of partners.

The company’s pronounced vertical integration encompasses in-house development, design, toolmaking, production, electroplating, and assembly, and provides the basis for implementing customized requests.

HUMMEL is international and also manufactures internationally. The smart division of work across countries and continents is strictly geared to the needs of the respective target markets. Over the years, centers of excellence have emerged in close proximity to customers and markets. This is not only economical but also highly customer-oriented.

Hummel products are licensed in many different countries and markets.

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